The Zurich Physics Colloqium will be held by Gregory Boebinger on Wednesday 16:15 with a reception afterwards. While this is not officially part of the program, all participants are cordially invited to attend.

Invited speakers and program

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New Experimental Techniques: Straining and Microstructures
Pairing Symmetry
Mechanisms and Microscopic Appraoch
Spin Configuration
Thursday, May 9 Friday, May 10 Saturday, May 11
AM Andrew Mackenzie Steve Kivelson Catherine Kallin
Annika Black-Schaffer Ronny Thomale Daniel F Agterberg
Philipp Moll Markus Braden Adrien Bouhon
Kyle Shen Vidya Madhavan Ying Liu
Clifford Hicks Hae-Young Kee Satoshi Kashiwaya
Felix Baumberger
PM Yoshiteru Maeno Kenji Ishida
Shunichiro Kittaka Stuart Brown
Elena Hassinger Suk-Bum Chung
Aline Ramires Shingo Yonezawa
Brad Ramshaw Muhammad S Anwar